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Stuff Plus demonstrates ship building in Blockade Runner with Part 4 in his video series, a screenshot of the new start server options, and a new ship by Imaus!

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Part 4 of Stuff Plus's series of building videos for Blockade Runner!

Coming up in 0.71.0!

Start Server from Browser in upcoming 0.71.0!

One of the new things in 0.71.0 is the ability to start the server from within the game! We're also working on a options screen before launching the server where you can easily set all of the settings.

The Mazelion Assault Frigate by Imaus

The Mazelion Assault Frigate from the Ravion empire, made by Imaus, using Blockade Runner's Editor!

"This ship is one of the most common ships in the Ravion empire, its 7 thrusters give it great speed while its many side mounted guns give it the firepower needed to hold its own in a battle. It is adorned with warpaint and a massive horn to strike fear into other captains, ramming is a normal tactic for this ship.

This ship while very common in the fleets of Ravion, it is known to be a great solo ship. Its fighter bay allows it to fend off other fighters and its speed and many weapons allow it to explore space without fear of what lurks deep in its void."

The Mazelion Assault Frigate From the Ravion Empire
- Imaus


Anything that makes a server easy to create is great! Minecrafts new 1.31 release makes creating a LAN server out of any map you are playing sooo easy that even I can run a server and have family members join.

+rep for all your hard work :)

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[ZanMgt]Aaron Author

Workin' on that. As a six sibling family, multiplayer is paramount, and we usually tend to play the games that have the least amount of start-up time for multiplayer. =)

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