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You heard me right! Since I no longer work on this game, i figured that others could if they wanted! (and if you have the right programs).

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Hey everyone! It's me, Jason.
Since these days i currently work on Darkness Evolved, And since this game was cancelled, I've chosen to let others work on it! But of course, you will need the right tools to do so.

In order to modify this game, you will need GameMaker 8 Pro. (im not sure if it works with lite)

Also, to actually edit the game, you will need the game file itself, which i put in the "Downloads" tab of this game. I may make a tutorial for people who are not sure how the game is to be edited.

Also, i would LOVE to see what you guys do with the game! So if you decide to post the game as an .EXE, put a link in the comments and i'll check it out!

Until next time, peace everyone!!


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