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A summery on the new development of Blocaria. Its the same game but has been rewritten.

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There has probably been more then a year since I worked on Blocaria. Reasons being that I did originally plan to remake the game with Team Aliquam. However we did infact make the game but the source code stopped working and the project was abandoned. Fast forward a few months I start college and stop working altogether, fast forward another year and I start a games dev collage course, finally fast forward a college year I am done with collage and got an email from Dropbox saying that they will no longer render HTML files. That means the launcher needs updating. It also means I thought "Hey! I should remake Blocaria!" and I have, using LWJGL.
The game supports:
* Infinite Terrain
* Biomes
* Biome specific weather effects
* Basic gameplay of placing and destroying blocks

However the game is in no state of public alpha. Its collision is all over the place. I am trying to implement the physics engine JBox2D however progress is slow
but progress is defiently being made.
The games IndieDB page will slowly be refreshed, updated with new content and made a ton more professional.
Watch Blocaria on IndieDB for updates, DO NOTE in the far future Blocaria will be a purchase to play game however a free alpha can be downloaded off IndieDB / Desura.
Once that time comes another launcher will be made with a new link to the game so no more using this to pirate the game. I know you all do it. Guilty as charged ;)
If you wish to mod the game, feel free. If I like your mod, for example if you implemented multiplayer I would contact you about getting you involved with developmment.
Anyways keep an eye out on IndieDB, follow the game and wait patiently ;)

- Luke Rapkin

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