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A prototype of my computer game Blob Wars is ready. You can register as a tester on my web page

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A prototype of my computer game Blob Wars is ready.

Blob Wars is a turn-based action/strategy/artillery game that might be most easily described as a hybrid of Worms, Battlefield, Civilization and Kerbal Space Program. I have been working on this game for some time, and have just finished a prototype. I am now in need of testers, so as to know whether to bring the game beyond its prototype stage. Since I do want some control over the test program a download will not be available here, but you will instead be required to register as a tester. You can do this on my web page


In its current stage Blob Wars is a pure multiplayer game: There is neither a single player mode nor an AI to play against. This means that in order to test it properly you will need to play against someone else. As the game is turn-based you can do this against friends on a single machine. If you would like to do that, then please go ahead. Otherwise, the game can also be played online. I will try to organize playtests at particular times.

When you have played the game for sufficiently long to form an opinion, please answer the prototype test survey, which you will receive per mail together with the download.

Description of the game

Blob Wars is a 2D turn-based multiplayer game where several players play against each other in turn. The goal of the game is simply to destroy all the figures (blobmen) of your opponents while staying alive your self. The game takes place on a small planet where each player starts out with a single base and a single figure (blobman). Each turn a single blobman will be able to do one of the following: buy additional blobmen, construct buildings or vehicles, and attack enemy blobmen in various ways.

You can build a shop where blobmen will be able to buy various items, as well as a research institute where you can research technologies that will allow you to build more advanced buildings and buy more advanced items. When a blobman has performed an action it will be the next players turn, and that particular blobman will be spent. This means it will be unselectable until all players have spent all their blobmen.


You will need to have Java installed in order to play the prototype. Mac users may for some reason also need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK). In addition I recommend you to play the prototype on a somewhat powerful machine.

Plans for future development

If feedback from the prototype test is positive I will continue to develop Blob Wars towards a full release. Things that I plan to include are

-improved graphicsmusic and sound effects

-destructible terrain

-fog of war (for online games)

-AI and single player mode

-additional content: in particular the ability to launch satellites of various types

In addition I have plans to make a version for smartphones and tablets, and also another version for PC which will be real-time instead of turn-based.

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