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I decided to talk a little about the current work done and also thought would be nice to show a simple gameplay session, without any narration or editing.

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Hi guys,

I thought would be nice to show a simple gameplay video, without any narration and editing. This is what players can expect at the current state of the game.

In the video you will hear:
- new ambient sounds - ravaging wind sounds near windows.
- improved footstep sounds (improved the texture reading system in order to determine correct surfaces and allocate correct sounds)

You can see:
- improved frame rate even with the mirror installed in the scene (plus I was backing-up the whole project in the background, so that took even more from the computer's resources, plus Fraps on)
- new damage indication system (your HUD shows more and more blood as your hp decreases)
- new GUI info text (still needs work)
- new ranged enemy (shown in previous videos)

Details about the Spirit Form:

High ethereal consistency - makes him susceptible to ethereal damage delivered by the Egyptian Trap.
HP - 75 (medium - low resistance) - about three hits from the Egyptian Trap are enough to take it down.
Damage - A single attack type. Shoots slow but with high damage. Usually it is easy to dodge it, but it gets complicated once this enemy works as a support for other enemies.
Fast with medium aggressive chasing

That's about all for this quick update.
Thanks for reading and see you soon guys!


It's looking real good! Can't wait for a working demo/alpha!

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primus88 Author

I'm happy to see you like it.
I think that just after the New Year it will be ready for testing. I was thinking to implement something like a playground:
have access to all the features and be free to spawn enemies as you like in order to defeat them.

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The playground idea sounds pretty cool. I'd love to see something like that.

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