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First round of enemy aerial combat testing, and upcoming mini-boss work.

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So the enemy flyby ships that pelt you with missiles can now be taken down, the Blaster is currently the most effective weapon. You get a fair amount of XP too, although from the video there may be some kind of glitch with it, or I had the first level's XP requirement set lower than I thought. I'm also rejuggling the reward credits from enemies, doubling some of the values.

Now I need to design a new auto-weapon replacing the chaingun weapon, something different, we'll see what I come up with.

Also the first mini-boss has been designed, a deadly hover-capable ship that has a gatling gun, twin missile launchers and can drop enemy droids.

With the wonderful use of the EDuke32's clipshape feature I have all the voxel models with fairly decent collision detection, you can even fall through the craft's hover holes.

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