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The second update has been posted on Black Talon's Kickstarter page showing the cover system. It shows how soldiers can use the terrain as cover, and how they react when enemy forces approach.

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In the second update, we want to show how the cover system works.
There have been a lot of questions about this, so we hope that the video answers the questions :)

In the first part of the video, two squads are attacking an enemy squad which is on cover behind some boxes.
Notice the cursor hovering over different parts of the structures where different bonuses or penalties apply (high ground, cover ground, defensive ground, exposed ground).
After the first squad moves into position behind some barrels, the second squad throws a smoke grenade, limiting the vision of the enemy soldiers and creating a temporary defensive ground area.
Notice the + or ++ symbol when the soldiers are in cover.
Using the smoke grenade, the second squad then moves in, and throws a frag grenade to the enemy squad.

In the second part of the video, enemy soldiers are attacking through two different areas.
The player's squads are standing idle near some barriers.
As the enemy soldiers get closer, the player's squads automatically move into cover behind the barriers.

The cover system is a very important part of the game, as most of the times there will be something on the map that the soldiers can use as cover. Some other times there won't be any cover nearby so an alternative strategy might be needed.

Please give us your feedback and comments - we can't stress how important your opinion is - and again don't forget to share it with your friends!

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