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Post news RSS Black Mesa: DeathRun is now in alpha testing

Tell us what you think about the maps and game so far and what we should improve.

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Black Mesa: DeathRun is in alpha testing!

We just released 3 of the most complete maps in the game so far(As in there are skyboxes and enemies).

Surrounded1 is the most complete of them all. Lol is the most incomplete map.

These maps are VERY broken. But let us know what you think.

"DeadGames" is the first map of the three. After downloading this mod, type "map deadgames" in the console to begin. If there is a lighting issue, type "mat_fullbright 0" in the console.

"DeadGames" is part of the "DeadGames" chapter.

"Surrounded1" And "lol" are part of the "surrounded chapter"

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