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This week was a pretty huge update. I’ve been slaving away for you, my Black Icicles. There may not be a patch next week, so here’s a big one :)

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Do you like Loot? Lasers? Cyberspace? Black Ice is the game for you! It's a Hack and Shoot - a cyberpunk first person shooter / hack and slash RPG about hacking.

This week was a pretty huge update. I've been slaving away for you, my Black Icicles. There may not be a patch next week, so here's a big one :)

  • Enemy damage has been brought down except for the SHARK. This should have the most effect late game.
  • The stars, which represent data, will sometimes move around a bit. It's pretty.
  • There is a "Sell All" button in the shop GUI now.
  • Damage Returned no longer affects enemies more than melee range away.
  • The game will silently check the version number and tell you if you need to update. This does not stop you from playing offline!
  • The Sprint tooltip now mentions that it must be held down to be effective
  • Debug Option added: Shift-F4 to level up
  • Debug Option added: Shift-F5 to toggle flight mode. Space to go up, left control to go down.
  • Enemies with affixes (mines, shields, acid) show up at lower hack difficulties
  • Jumping can now be charged up - more height, but larger RAM cost.
  • Enemies use a completely new method for climbing up buildings, which works much better (if they don't run into each other)
  • Enemy pathfinding now doesn't go backwards (because what?!)
  • The SHARK will not spawn right next to the player anymore. This should cut down on dead noobs.
  • Swarm building minions will no longer attempt to attack each other
  • Rare items now have only 3-4 affixes, not 3-5. Set items have 4-5. Set items continue to have higher stats than rares, but are still misnamed.
  • City Size is now limited to 9 tiles by default, instead of infinite. This can be changed in the options menu.
  • Mines now spawn underneath you and then drop to the ground with gravity. They can no longer be used to build a platform to stand on at >100m
  • Popups no longer jump in midair
  • Aimbots no longer get stuck on walls
  • Enemies now get info on where to go from their neighbors, resulting in flocking behavior.
  • Enemies no longer get stuck as DEREZZED (and unkillable)
  • Enemy shields aren't nearly as strong anymore
  • Lasgun knockback has been reduced by 40% to account for perfect accuracy
  • Higher rarity lasguns consume more RAM now
  • Lasgun RAM consumption makes sense now - each tick of RAM consumption gives you one second of firing time if you hold the button down.
  • Black Ice now has a wiki!

How does the new jump mechanic feel? Does it make it feel unresponsive? How is the lasgun?Any feedback or suggestions are always appreciated.

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