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Patch 10 is the last patch for Black ICE MKVI it focuses on the nation Italy with a major event pack and fixes a lot of bugs and issues from the previous versions.

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>>>>>>>>>>PATCH # 10<<<<<<<<<<


Events include:

~Imperial status proclamation~Protocolli di Berlino (Berlin Protocols)

~Exit from the League of Nations

~FS Class ETR 200 - Fast trains

~Marsh drainage 1937

~Gabriele D'Annunzio has died!

~1° Flottiglia MAS~

Italo Balbo has died!

~War declaration - France~ultimatum to Greece

~The Italian national football team wins its second FIFA World Cup

~Hitler Visits Italy~Fermi wins the Nobel Prize

~Fermi arrives in the USA ( US event)

~Marsh drainage 1939~the Ventotene Manifesto

~Operation C3 (Invasion of Malta)

~Sabotage Malta's defenses~Formation of the Arditi Commando

~Mussolini Arrested

~The Italian Armistice

~Mussolini under Arrest ( German event)

~Operation Oak ( Rescue Mussolini) event chain

~Mussilini's Rescue Speech

~New nation "Italian Socialist Republic" is created with historical OOB

New Units Added to Patch 10

~Airlanding Infantry - Much better equipped than paratroopers but need Gliders to transport them

~Gliders - Slow, unarmed transport planes which can carry heavier loads

~Combined Arms Brigade ( KampfGruppe) - Unique all round combat brigades, activated via special event OOBs and a new doctrine "Kampfgruppen"

~Jet Fighters - The new generation of Interceptors

~Jet Bombers - The new generation of Bombers


+ New techs for the activation of the units and new Jet technologies.

LUA work from Had a dad to allow the AI to build new units.

The usual massive amount of bug fix and game tweaks which pad out all the Black ICE releases, thanks to player testing.

Patch 10 Includes Patch 9 and all the hotfixes.

Black ICE team for the Italian pack includes Panzeroo, Had a dad, Death6, ITA, Burger-Joh.

Additional work from Vampiros and JASGripen ( For Croatian OOB ), Gargtholomew, Dropman ( for the Combined Arms concept ), Manshtein, and Stukov.


Patch 10.1

Excessive Italian leader traits removed

Light Infantry buildable before the tech

Rodina decision will remove purges effects AND will only fire before 1942. I figured from 1942 onwards the red army would no longer be so disorganised as it was when the germans attacked.

Machine gun tech trigger tweaked for axis faction requirements

Sudeten line event country flag bug fixed

Automotive industry removed form italy.


Patch 10.2

zzBI-New Tech.txt: Machine_gun_doctrine, the faction = axis trigger should move into the following or-scope.

Light infantry is buildable without light infantry tech.

zBlackICEGermanEvents.txt:#Sudeten Line event (id=7001) should add country flag Sudeten_line, so the next event (id=7006) can trigger.

Have RSI-events.txt and RSI events.txt in /events/ folder. Should delete the information inside one of those and only provide it as a blank text file

Changes kampfgruppe event ID to prevent a duplication and situation where Germany joined the Allies

The AI will now build Jets

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