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A shoot'em up game without much of the shooting. Character progression, hats, curses and a crazy black hole!

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Yeah right....

A bit of story...

About Black Bobby Featured

Realistically speaking, this is a casual game featuring Black Bobby, a friendly and kinda crazy black hole.

His home galaxy was invaded by mean asteroids and the atmosphere flooded with curses.

Character development for a black hole?

Why not? Black holes kinda grow once they nom a lot of astronomical objects.

In this game, Bobby gets experience which leads to leveling up which in turn increases his HP and unlocks new abilities.

There are 10 abilities throughout the 10 levels Bobby can acquire, and here are some examples.

Abilities, many gifs, don't hate for slow loading

How the hell can this be fun?

The fun happens when players combine their reflex, spacial awareness and strategy to win in tight situations such as boss fights or waves of enemies.

Knowing when to use what ability is rather important too, so the game isn’t really 1 dumb mechanic of moving the mouse (with Bobby attached to it) out of harm’s way.

Boring! Tell me something else

Steam achievements, overlay and trading cards and 4 levels with different winning conditions.

Hope I didn't bore the living crap out of you!

When? What?

If everything goes according to my plan (my plan is this: finish the game, drink beer and coffee) the game should be on Greenlight in August 2016.

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