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New battles, ships and a TON of content on our spacesim!

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Hi guys.

As you know, Materia Ex Vita is a game focused on buying ships, flying them and do trade missions while surviving pirates. On this update we'll add lots of things to do in-game and out-game.

Look at me mama! I'm faster than light!

First of all you'll be able to use all your purchased ships. On the current version, ships you own follow you and protect you from pirates. With the new update you'll be able to do so much more and assign them different orders:

  • Trade: Ships assigned on trade orders will gain credits depending on the trade score the ship has. There is a cap, however, on the amount of credits you can hoard with this passive income and its decided by the amount of space stations you own (more on the matter of space stations below)
  • Protect trade ships: Each trade ship has a risk of being raided by pirates and lose some of its income. The more ships protecting them, less income will be lost.
  • Protect [PLAYER NAME]: Ships assigned to this task will follow you and defend you in-game from any threat they perceive and join you on any battle.
  • Army: Will be used for PVP, not yet implemented.

Give orders to all the ships you bought

Each ship has a different skillset. Some are better trading and others are better at defending traders.

On top of that, you'll be able to buy space stations. Space stations don't produce income but you'll be able to increase the cap you have from passive income gained from Trade ships.

New Dangers

To rise the stakes and encourage players diving in the game, space stations will be under attack from time to time by enemy pirates. If the attack is not repelled, the income from trade ships will be diminished by each attack you don't fend off. The piracy toll gets smaller if you have ships defending your trade ships.


Pew pew!

So with this in mind, we can now acknowledge two things: Spaceships matter a lot in numbers. The more ships you have, the more money you make. The more money you make, the more stations and ships you can buy. Repeat ad nauseam.

Thus some changes are in order:

  • Ship prices increase the more ships you have. The first ship you buy from each type will be the cheapest with subsequent purchases getting more and more expensive
  • Space station prices also get more expensive the more stations you purchase

This system is managed from the in-game computer AND from our webpage on Materiaexvita.playdata-games.com which means you can manage your ships from your phone.

And More!

We will be disclosing further details in the next days as we'll be releasing images, gifs and videos explaining all the content we've released. Among the new things you'll find:

  • New tutorial! With a witty AI as your mentor.
  • A new ship!
  • New sources of income!

Image below corresponds to the player's first landing!

Comments on your landing

      There was some screaming, maybe more than some.

What's next?

On the next updates we will focus on Procedural Abandoned Ships so the player may raid them in FPS

Procedural level

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