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What's happening with DEAD INSIDE and the problems we face.

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Hello everyone,

Today I am going to tell you the problems we are facing but also the good things that have been happening.

Recently one of our modellers has left, he was the character modeller and he said we aren't allowed to use his work so we had to delete all the work he had done and start again, luckily we have a very talented individual working for us called Patrick who is a Master degree student, he is know doing all animations and models to a better standard than before also he is currently attending PIXAR's learning sessions in NY which will definitely have a positive affect on our game models. Also we have just had a build of our game final put together by Kino who is our lead programmer, he has been working hard and finally got the game to a great place.

Our alpha has been delayed because of the model problem has had a huge effect on this project but stick with us and support us as we will have a trailer shortly and we will blow you away.

Website link: www.sector7games.weebly.com

Thanks everyone for reading !


The old modeler sounds like a stuck-up douche. Good riddance and good to hear you guys are back on track!

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Seriously, its kinda dickish to just leave and then say "nope, you can't use any of my work".

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Hi! I'm the old modeler, i had to leave the project because i don't have time, Josh(the head of Sector7Games) and I were going to get to an agreement to pay me for the my work, but Josh decided not to pay me for the models and start them again, please dont think about me as the bad guy, i really hope this game the best success possible but i really dont have free time

Thanks for the comments!! :D

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Well that's definitely a piece of information that would have been useful to know in their post and it certainly changes things a bit.

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Sector7-Games Author

Thanks guys, we are trying to get this game up to scratch and a fully functioning game will be ready in around 3 weeks.

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