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Some big things have been implemented on the game! Improved health bar, attacking / XP and leveling system, and the new lighting!

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This time we have some nice updates on the gameplay (and not just visual). First of all the snail (and this will be for future enemies as well) is smarter and will chase you and make some leaps of faith just to have the pleasure of biting you.

Next, comeback! Now the player is able to attack (single ground attack for now) and can kick butt!Also, the health meter is nicer now with a line of hearts monster world-style, and dynamic depending on your health (1 heart = 50 health).

XP and Leveling! This works and the levels are progressive: your damage increases, the enemies you generate adjust to your level (nobody wants it to be too easy, huh?) and some other features (like abilities being unlocked) are planned. Please don’t brag about balancing, this is obviously a test.

And the new enhanced lighting system, nicer and faster than the tile-based one I was using.

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