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Post news RSS Big Update! (Our biggest infact!)

Our biggest update yet!, This update will unveil the new development team name and much more!

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(Sorry this video was a little rushed, I suck at speaking on cam :( )

Ok! As I said if you're watching on ModDB you get to find out first and foremost what our development team name will be but first...

I would personally like to thank anybody who commented on possible development team name's prior to this update, You were all very helpful and creative :) Our new development team name is!..

ThunderChild Developments
(This hasn't been discussed with any one else on the team so sorry guys if you don't like it, there is always room for change however.)

I hope you all like the name and we will get to work creating logo's and other things like that for this development team (Expect the team to be up and running very soon) and I have More announcements to make too :D as you probably guessed by the video we now have a Youtube channel for the game, specifically for updates and smaller things that might not make it onto ModDB (Possibly) and if that wasn't enough we also have a Twitter page to! our youtube and twitter pages will both be updated regularly so that you can always check for updates on the go as well as at ModDB!

YouTube Channel - Twitter Page - (Facebook group will be setup soon)

They will all need a little more time to get up to par with our ModDB page but no worries! It shouldn't take long :) I would like to thank MrCupCake for making the Youtube Channel & Twitter Page.What will be in the next update? well, I'm going to make a special surprise for the next few days that will (Hopefully) blow all you're minds but its a secret so you will have to wait until the update is actually made, Anywho! thats about it for announcements at the moment but I would like to take this chance to just show everybody who is currently on the team and what they are doing (as well as listing who we still need)

Current Team Members:

  • Marc1k1 - Project Lead (Me :D)
  • MrCupCake - Modeler
  • Salsa_Shark Modeler
  • Ariehl - Music Composer
  • Alexjb666 - Modeler (New)

This is everybody so far, We did have somebody offer to do mapping however they felt that they weren't sufficient to work on the UDK Engine (They joined prior to the change of engine) I would like to thank them still however for offering to help ^_^

People we still need:

  • Coders - Somebody who can code in the UDK Engine
  • Mappers - Somebody who can Map using the UDK Engine
  • Texture Artist's - Don't specifically need to know to much about the Engine
  • Concept Artist - If you can draw/paint 1890's England then we need you!

There are plenty more but I don't wish to drag this out, Also if you're skill's arn't listed on here but you still believe you would be helpful towards the games production then PM Marc1k1 with what you can do to help the team.

Thanks for reading!

sniper77shot - - 189 comments

Google chrome ftw, Can't wait till this game is released. It will be fun.

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Marc1k1 Author
Marc1k1 - - 216 comments

Thanks ^_^

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