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Post news RSS Big update - new Tounine and improved netcode

Tounine map has been remastered. Firing/Attacking system overhaul. It is more responsive and precise with improved Netcode.

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We’re working hard on other updates. Today we released a larger one, where you can enjoy the remaster of Tounine. The map has been optimized, the terrain has been fine-tuned and a whole lot of detail has been added.
In addition to the map, we also worked on netcode. We have been working hard to fix problems with hitboxes and ignoring shots.

Plus some other small changes:

In Reality:

  • Lowered maximum number of players in one reality from 12 to 10.
  • Added CLICK TO CONTINUE text to Tutorial Screen after reality is loaded.


  • Decreased fire rate of these weapons: MG 42, Tommy Gun, Vz. 61, AK-47. Damage per bullet was increased. Damage per second remains same.
  • Added new fire sound and new fire zoom animation for AK-47.


  • Being hit by a teammate doesn’t cause red damage feedback flash to appear.
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