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A message to the players on the progress on the next update.

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Hello to all! I am here today with some possible bad news. So, as some of you may know, I use CBRE (Containment Breach Room Editor) to make the new rooms for the mod.

But, as of today, CBRE has been refusing to run on my PC. It opens as a background process, but refuses to act as anything else. I have tried looking up how to get it to function, to see if I can make a background process run in the foreground, if I can edit the EXE properties, anything I could do to get it fixed. And nothing. I found zero solutions online, and I don't have my hopes up for a future version working, since this issue also took over my older versions saved of CBRE as well.

Until I can get this fixed, I can still push out minor updates, and maybe get help from somebody else. But, without CBRE, a lot of my creative input will be hindered.

So until then, this mod is on a hault. If anyone reading this has any suggestions on how I can fix this, it would be much appreciated.

ADMClef - - 76 comments

Oh no! That are really bad news mate. :(

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