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I am about to puke but here is an update. This section has to be 50 characters in length so I am filling it up so I can go laydown before I puke.

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Well the gundam RTS website has been down all weekend and the jerk who lives beneath my apt burnt something on his grill so I feel a mixture of nausea and headache as my 1100+ft apt is filled with the smell of melted plastic.

As such I feel so ill that this post has to be short. The zeon construction yard is done and in game. There is a description of what it does in the picture posted here today. I have been working on effects and stuff.. ergh sorry feel sick anyway.. I could tell you guys all about effects or other gundam stuff but I am too sick to say much.

I'll break with tradition and try and post another update after this weekend. Seriously I just puked a bit in my mouth... freakin jerk..

*edits* 11:11am, the gundam site is back up

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