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*yawns* not much to talk about right now. Most of the time was spent making a new command center for zeon. Pics and info in news post.

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Images to give you guys an idea how big this guy is.

HLV pods are used by zeon both to deliver and ship off supplies to the homeland. This pad was built and they have the hlv pod for base supplies.

The building was very large and since the hlv pods are merely glorified containers it is rather dirty in comparison to the freshly built MS and buildings. In the game it will represent the starting building and since such landing/launching pads in a safe place are rare, it is important for zeon that you not lose your landing pad. I have been asked if the hlv will leave and return. The short answer is no. The hlv is there and it has supplies. The actualy launch location is highly important as it represents a final lifeline to the space colonies.

The decisions was made to make a building the command center rather then the battleships for the default. This will make the smaller maps that are more common readily supported. Also a large structure like this creates a really nice centerpiece acting as the central element to your base. Should you lose it, the hlv cannot be rebuilt!

Currently the gundam workload consists of new models and units to fill out the 1.2 release that we are working towards. Progress continues as always but this update is not an exciting one. I can understand that this may be a bit frustratating as you guys are eager to see lots of new stuff but I can only produce so fast.

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