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New video showcasing the weapons of BHB! Oh and we've also got a new Facebook page...

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Hey everyone! First of all, in case you haven't already seen it, BHB now has a Facebook page! I mentioned last post that I'd upload pictures from IndieCade, but in order to keep the IndieDB page focused on the game itself I decided to post the pictures there instead. So be sure to check them out and leave a like! Or not, whatever :P

Ok with that out of the way, today I thought I'd surprise everyone with a video update on BHB! Aren't I generous? Yeah, I'm pretty awesome. Er ahem, anyways... The video is a bit more like a look at some of the aspects of the game, like the different features and stuff like that, as opposed to a more traditional update. This update, we'll take a look at some of the weapons planned for BHB, how they work, and some of the kinds of situations they'd be best used in.

One of my goals with BHB is to provide a lot of unique mechanics. In some AAA games (like say Call of Duty), it seems like many of the weapons are pretty much the same, they might shoot faster or slower and have different stats and stuff like that, but as far as their mechanics go, many of them are fairly same-ish. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but that's not quite what I'm going for with BHB. So because of this, even though there may be fewer weapons in BHB than other games, each one is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses in different situations. For example, in BHB the laser weapon is great at taking down high health enemies from a distance, while the flamethrower mows down swarms of little guys.

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