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The 35th installment of BFD blogs. Featuring Ordos!

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Hi and welcome to blog 35! Yet another week as gone and we've all been busy!
Wciow has been busy once again modeling and skinning our infantry. This time he has made us the Ordos Engineer.

The Engineer will be equipped with a pistol, repair tool and enough C4 to bring down a building. The repair will repair buildings and maybe units (not decided yet) and will also be able to take over buildings, so get ready to engi rush those subhouses at the start!

User Posted Image
LR01 has started the intirirors for the Ordos barracks. Hes started with the cloning vats, due to the Ordos cloning soldiers because its cheaper. These will be spawn points inside the barrack and maybe other buildings for the Ordos.
User Posted Image
r34ch has been making map props for us, along with some maps (more on that next week). He started with the hegde hog. Hegde hogs are in place to stop tanks and also prove some infantry cover.
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Well another week, another blog. Same thing again next week! <!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_2499-->

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