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Moving beyond the demo - progress update on the game and kickstarter!

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It’s been one week since we launched on kickstarter, and we are now 45% funded, with 80 wonderful backers! There’s still a long way to go, but we are hopeful that we’ll make it “beyond the bridges” and reach successful funding!

Speaking of beyond the bridges, we have been busy working on both the art and story for the first book of the game. In Departure (chapters 1-4 of 10), the beta testers enter the world of Vitalia and are amazed by its wonders. The middle island of Vitalia offers plenty to explore, but the areas beyond the bridges are of course a temptation (despite being expressly forbidden by Jacob). One of the bridges is depicted in the new background art below. Would you cross it?

Vitalia Bridge
Looks a little scary to me - what if I fell?

Let’s just say you might encounter more than you bargained for out there… and it may not end well. Or maybe it would - it could just be a matter of perception.

In other news, we have uploaded a minor update (now with SFX) to the demo which you can download here:

</reality> Alpha Demo 0.1.71

We plan to release a bigger update to the demo in the next week or so. This is partially thanks to the awesome fans who have given us so much valuable feedback on the demo - we now have all sorts of notes and todos (from typos to art suggestions).

If you’ve played the demo and have feedback for us, feel free to use this handy feedback survey (or post a comment here): Docs.google.com. We love hearing your reactions to the game and being able to make changes based on your suggestions!

Finally, last Saturday we shared the animated screenshot below, for #screenshotsaturday. This screenshot includes minor spoilers, so if you don’t want to see any spoilers at all, stop reading here.

This screenshot is from chapter 4 (and is from Jacob’s perspective). If you’ve played the demo, the spoiler here should be pretty clear… but you likely guessed it anyways.

Seriously, Jacob, why couldn’t you just add an invisible wall or something?

If you haven’t already, please check out the Kickstarter page! Any sharing on social media is meaningful to us - please help us spread the word about the campaign!

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