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The rodents are back, and this time, the whole world has gone nuts!

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Some of you might remember that we launched the beta for Acorns Above! Beta three years ago on Indie DB. It was our first project, and as such we realized we needed to reassess our execution and development pipeline. Now, with a little more experience behind us, we're back, and this time, the chipmunk world has gone nuts!

Featuring a three episode campaign that will take the player around the skies of the world, the vacuum of space, and the depths of the ocean, you will once again take on the role of an ace pilot in the Chipmunk Air Force, fending off and counter-attacking an invading army of Space Squirrels. As you down enemy planes, space ships and submarines, your craft will be upgraded with more guns, more missiles, more armor, more....everything!

We are in the final stages of development, and intend to release the PC version in the coming months. We also have plans to release the game on Android. Stay tuned for more information on that front!

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