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These news are about the upcoming beta and a first look of the terrain

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Hello fans;
As title suggests we are going to release a beta by Friday most likely, more info about the beta release will be on Thursday. As mentioned in previous news the beta will not contain much other then models that where made (not all) and the first look in how the world will look like, to test out the physics we will be using Unity fps enemies and weapons so kind of like cowboys and aliens lol. Do not worry we will replace them as the development goes on. I see that there is not a lot of comments but only mine, i know this what we offered so far is not much but any comment or a compliment is welcome. I must apologize for chat support not online but we will try to keep it open as often as possible. One last thing this week or the next we will get a webcam and will start showing development logs. So it will be a lot easier show game development. We should post some screenshots tomorrow and please if you want or have time comment the existing screenshots that where posted here on the site.

Thank you and comment

With respect: Samurai1789

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