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Witchess is a strategy adventure game where a young witch must use spells against = minions to chase and protect Poly, the last Persian cat on planet Hexon. In this iteration, We made the game feel professional by using minimal design for the spells and game text. We also made the game easier easier for players who are new to it and finally, we allow players who don’t have a mouse to change elements by using Q/E instead of scroll

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Download game: Drive.google.com

Proffessional UI

We made a number of significant of UI to changes to juice up the game. We picked a minimal aesthetic. This includes

Changing the spells on the top right of the screen to colored outlines

We gave each level a name that the player sees that provides a compelling narrative as the player progresses

We added a transition based around moving through a portal in between the levels

Finally we choose the chic minimal font for our UI text


In order to capture the true essence of the story, we added a character for the ice master - the person who is summoning poly, the cat. We made battling him the final level of the game in order to retrieve poly the cat. This level also has different music to provide the needed tensions

Making the game fit the showcases 10 min experience

Although we had built a game that could keep players engaged for hours. We were limited by the need to provide a complete experience in 10 minutes. We made a number of changes to make this possible.

  • Made the guidance levels extremely simple and quick to get through by only allowing one element at a time
  • Providing more spells to players if they die on a level
  • Providing more spells to start of with on different levels

Making the game accessible

In order to make the game accessible to those without a mouse, we allow players to switch elements by using the Q/E keys

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