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Some updates for Beta version. Refer files for new release.

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* Update the animation for the second character: Slime. It used to be a static character, this time we add the animation which will make the game more juicy.

* Fix some bugs of enemies, where they may cross the wall and cannot be destroyed. In the end of level 2, it seems some enemy is misplaced and not set yet, which make that part full of bugs. Now fixed.

* Adjust the tutorial level, where text showing will be longer during each point. Some testing players seem to be a bit confused as the tutorial text flashing so fast. This time we make the level longer an distance between each part long enough

* Fix the animation bug of the first character. where player has the wrong position when he tries to emit his skill. In last version, the bulb character will disappear when he emits the skill.

* Add sound effect and background music. Sound effect is vital to our game, and this time we add some pieces to it. It will be more juicy when you play it!

* Fix the bug in the first level where player can cross the turrets without being shot. This part was omitted last several times until we found some players take advantages of it.

* Fix the bug in the second level where player may be reborn in the wall. This part was found during the play-testing

* Add some light effect to check point to make it more obvious. Some testers say the checkpoint is not obvious and may not be noticed.

* Fullscreen mode. Omitted last several times, this version fixed.

* Fix the bug of input system that can cause Windows version not working.

* For the next release, we will focus on making the game more professional including scene transition, more neat control system and UI design. Also we will complete the ongoing Boss level. We hope to combine most and create some new features in the final level.

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