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We're excited to announce that the beta version is OUT!! In addition to what we got for the alpha version, there's new mechanics added for the hammer and way more polished look and feel of the gameplay!!

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What’s New?

Major Changes:

  • Hotly requested DUAL SCREEN!!!
  • Brand new posh scene transition
  • End animation for winning pirates & ghost
  • New use for hammer to be able to make the ghost dizzy (messes up the control for ghost)
  • Ghost now needs to be near to the player to charge up the cannon ability
  • Brand new tutorial catered to dual screen
  • Annoying tutorial text removed
  • Cannon activation would freeze the ghost

Minor Juice Improvements & Fine Tuning:

  • Slight color coding for the two fixers
  • Slight zoom out for camera
  • Higher dead zone for controllers
  • Fire sprite update (not having a weird white line anymore)
  • Nets are now able to go through walls
  • Lowered screen shake intensity
  • Lower fixing time for fixer
  • Login screen now has title

What’s the Motivation?

For the major changes, we enabled dual screen functionality of the game because ghost players were frustrated by them being trapped within the screen. Furthermore, the tutorial was confusing for many players because they didn't know which player the instruction is meant for. We also removed the tutorial text, and just kept the button prompt as hints for players in the tutorial to avoid the confusion as well. We added in two end animations (one for ghost winning, the other for pirates winning) and scene transition to make the game more polished and adding more juice as well. We added a new feature for hammer so fixer can make the ghost dizzy. This creates a more dynamic gameplay for the player who's holding the hammer, rather than just fixing the tiles. Since dual screen would give the ghost more advantage, we changed the cannon to only be able to fill up when the ghost is near the fixers. Not only does this give ghost a disadvantage, it also makes the game more intense and exciting because more player interactions will occur. We also lowered the fixing time for fixers to balance out the game. Nets now go through walls because walls are the "safe place" for ghosts and it would only make sense if ghosts can shoot net through the wall. The rest of the minor changes are mostly due to feedbacks from play testers and to improve the juiciness of the game.

What's next?

At this point we got all of the desired features down and implemented. We would focus on play testing and do some fine tuning to balance out the game. We might also add in negative feedback to make the game more exciting. Lastly, we would polish up the game aesthetics more to make the looks and feels of the game better. We would expect to release the final version in two weeks.

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