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This is a short summary of what is improved in the game. (we only included important bug fix and new features)

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What’s New:


  • 1: We received feedback that the harder path doesn’t look like a harder path. Therefore, we modified the harder path to look more like a harder path. We added broken robots, robot heads, darker green color, and dark trees to the harder path such that it looks more daunting.
  • 2: We also received feedback that the checkpoint object is not clear. Therefore, we changed the aesthetic of the checkpoint object. Now, the checkpoint looks like a circular wireless charging station. Once the player steps on the checkpoint, it turns from blue to green.
  • 3: We received feedback that the player had trouble figuring out which teleportation tiles correspond to each other. For this version, whenever there is potential confusion, colors are used to indicate the corresponding tiles. Moreover, there is now camera transition when player teleport from one place to the other.
  • 4: We implemented a cheat code for players to explore the stories without having to solve the puzzles.
  • 5: Instructions will hide when entering peek mode


  • 1: We added a new purpose or incentive to go to the harder path for level 2 by adding a memory collectible to the harder path. If the player chooses the harder path, they will be able to pick up a memory collectible, which gives a minor background story of our game.
  • 2: We added a brand new level that utilizes the new mechanics we introduced last time, but with a twist. Update to find out more!

What’s the story:

After our last playtesting, we realized that the level design of level 2 is kinda flawed. We designed the easy path and the hard path but did not know how to reconcile between players’ choices. Also we wanted to tell players that there is a harder path so we added more aesthetics into the game.

We were also thinking about the message of the story here, to better improve players’ game experience. So we decided to sink the cube after player solved it so that they won’t be able to go back. It conveys the message: the past is the past, you can only walk to the future.

As we said last time, an additional new level 3 is out! We want to show that even with simple mechanics, we can already make things interesting and hard at the same time.

What’s next:

  • We will add more story to the game using memory collectibles. To give more incentive to go to the harder path, there will be more memory collectibles in the harder path, and there will be 2 different endings to the game depending on the number of memory collectibles the player picked up.
  • We will twist level 3 a little bit but it is confidential at the time. : )
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