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Space ninja is a 2D platform game. You control the little ninja to save the earth from the invasion of the robot empire. Remember, this is not a normal ninja, it is the special ninja who masters several abilities! And enjoy meeting some friends along the way!

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Hello guys, hope you've enjoyed the Thanksgiving break! We've really stretched our bodies and taken a good relax. Right now we introduce to you our Beta version and some future plans.

What's new :

1. We built two new stages.

2. A new shuriken.

3. Some juicy elements, like effects when the ninja uses the shurikens.

4. A stamnia bar when the ninja climbs the wall.

5. Bug fixes. The player will not get stuck into the wall so easily.

6. A boss!

Our progress follows to some extent ou original plan. The UI improvement plan was not completed because we haven't still come up with a good idea, and definitely the UI stuff will definitely get solved in the final version. We added new stages and the new shuriken and the gameplay is quite complete : we have a boss, four stages ahead, after you collect each shuriken there's a tutorial. We added some particle effects, some bubbles in the water, yet still more juicy elements are on the way. The boss is not fully completed --- expect it to behave more fiercely next version!

Oh yep we heard your feedbacks for the last version and fixed some bugs. And we added the stamnia bar to let you better control the climbing.

Our plan for the future :

1. UI improvement

2. Better boss

3. More story

4. Some system refinement

5. More juicy elements

You can find our game here : Drive.google.com. Feel free to share your feedbacks !

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