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Beta now has a full story mode as well as a more balanced survival mode. Things like improved player movement, improved gun play, and opening cinematics have been added to be refined for our final version. We also have a trailer draft!

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This week we have improved our player movement, our guidance, and story mode, as well as added an opening cutscene. We had adjusted guidance so that the player can follow a small arrow under the brim of their hat to lead them to where they need to go. This largely came from a lack of a good system to lead the player in the correct direction in our last iteration. Our player movement is much tighter now which makes playing the game feel much better. Story mode is now finished, but still requires a bit of polish on the very ending. We added an escort mission and a big final boss fight to spice up the gameplay. Some of the enemies abilities and movements have also been rebalanced. Our opening cutscene is rough but a massive improvement upon the black screen with only sounds of gunshots that used to be in its place.

Most of our refinements of things like balancing enemies, fixing weapon bugs, and adjusting player movement was based on feedback from others and addressing bugs we had delayed fixing because of larger issues to focus on. The opening cutscene was a long term goal that we had not put the time into addressing yet because gameplay seemed more important in our earlier stages of development. For the next iteration we are going gold, so we will be refining what we have and not adding any new content. We will especially be focusing on the player's weapons and enemy bugs to try to make the experience of playing the game as fun as possible.



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