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Greetings! Beta version has just been updated to version 2.5.30, major changes include...

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Beta Update 2.5.30


Changes & Additions:

- Main menu updated (models, skysphere, skylight, effects & materials)

- Added new 3D models (star spawn, static meshes)

- Added new BSP meshes and materials at some levels

- Updated materials

- Updated general fringe effect / saturation

- Updated model LOD’s

- Fixed general collisions / blocking volumes

- Fixed Framerate at Base camp / Lake’s camp (updated models)

- Fixed Framerate at storm maps (updated models)

- Fixed a bug at mountains map where player wasn’t able to advance

- Fixed a bug at storm map where player was falling trough floor

- Updated levels, ambient, lighting, post-processing effects…

Beta Update 2.5.20

Greetings! a content update version 2.5.20 has just been released, here are the general details:

New Models & Graphics:

- Added over 144 new static 3D models / props

- More than 100 new Materials & textures

- Updated general level scenery (base camp, lake’s camp…)

- Fixed general bugs, updated collisions and visual glitches

- Updated lightmaps, postprocessing effects and ambient fogs

- Updated default engine streaming pool size (4000)

- Fixed FPS stability at Storm maps, updated LOD’s

- Fixed a movement stuck bug at cave map

- Added warm spot at base camp cabin

Beta Update 2.5.10

mountainsofmadness2-Win64-Shipp 2016-10-18 14-43-28-74.png

Updates & Fixes:

- Updated lighting and reflection captures at dyer’s office

- Updated lighting and ambient/fog at harbor map

- Base Camp lights rebuilt, updated terrain and materials

- Cave lighting and reflections updated

- Updated material specularity / roughness at some models / characters

- Fixed flickering lighting errors at mountains map and LOD’s

- Fixed LOD’s distance draw at some maps

- Fixed some pawn’s physics

- Some stationary lights have been changed to dyamic

- Fixed collisions at some actors / meshes

Beta update 2.5.0

Optimization improvements:

- New lighting system and updated lightmaps

- Uncapped Framerate, stabilized FPS

- All LODs have been rebuilt for all levels

- Default Engine Post-processing settings updated

Changes and additions:

- Now you need to find the hammer at the cave in order to extract the sample

- New static 3D models & textures

- Updated some animation timings

- Updated collisions at certain areas

- Updated particle effects at some levels

- Updated Sounds

- Fixed ingame bugs where you fall trough floors / textures

- Fixed some visual glitches

- Fixed Autosaves at certain levels

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