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You can't escape! Beta Released! Information about the new features, improvements and how you can help us make it a better game.

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Greetings everyone!

It’s finally the time that you’ve all been waiting for! THE BETA IS HERE! The BETA has enhanced upon all previous entries in the following ways:

  • Added two more playable levels, with their own set of obstacles.
  • Improved graphics for all Characters, tiles, and many more
  • Added Gameplay boosts that can be purchased in order to escape easier (But you’ll still die anyways)
  • Added sound/music
  • Added level and player effects
  • Revamped the Level/Character select menu
  • Added a couple easter eggs (Hint: Collect enough survivors in a round, but only on certain levels)
  • Overall gameplay tweaks
  • Tons of bugs crushed
  • Tweaked difficulty of some levels
  • Improved stability

Here you can see a few screenshots to see the differences between Alpha and beta versions:

Level 1 Alpha version:

Before and after screenshots

Level 1 beta version:
Before and after screenshots

Level 4 alpha version:

Before and after screenshots

Level 4 beta version:

Before and after screenshots

All that being said, the game is nearing completion, but it’s still not there yet. We want to hear what you guys have to say. What do you think we could do to improve gameplay, mechanics, and overall fun? Please take our survey here (Or click the survey button on the main menu in the game) and respond to this post or send us an email at: oobentertainment@gmail.com
Things still to come:

  • More Sound
  • Changing scoring style to incorporate coins and survivors into high score
  • Player Suggestions depending on feedback and survey results (BECAUSE WE LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS!)

/Edit 21/03/14 The beta is closed now :)

Thanks everyone! Have a wonderful day!
Scott Bowser & Nuno Nunes – Out Of the Box Entertainment

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