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We discuss what's new in our beta release! Also we discuss what we have planned for the future

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We iterated and improved on our final boss, making it another mini hub with 3 puzzles needed to destroy the boss. We also added a lot of environmental sprites and objects that update accordingly whenever the player obtains a new color. That way, the impact of collecting a new color is felt more. We changed the level transitions to be paint in order to more coherently fit with our theme. Lastly, we made a lot of minor changes to hitboxes, collisions, etc. to make the game feel better to play.


We plan to add an ending sequence to the game, instead of the placeholder game over screen. We also plan to add boss music while the player completes the boss challenged. Also, we are going to change giant door in the hub world into the suctioning part of MONOCHROME to make it more clear that the player is entering inside of the vacuum. We are very excited to work on the gold release! See you all soon!

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