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This is the beta release note of A Grimoire's Tale. In this release, we modified our attack system, added smooth level transitions, added more music and sound effects, and much more.

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What we changed:

  • Adjusted the attack system to heavily encourage combining spells
  • Added simple spells like a bomb spell, a homing projectile, and a corrosive blast
  • Added a pause menu to the game that has an option to view a detailed enough explanation of the attack system since previous explanations of controls weren’t as sufficient
  • Gave the player the chance to cycle through the deck with the scroll wheel
  • Added a start screen with scene transitions
  • Added ability to stack spells of the same type with enhanced effects
  • Added music to areas of the game that were missing it
  • Polished details on the bosses
  • Fixed issues with certain game objects appearing on the minimap

Why we made these changes:

After last week’s feedback, our top priority was to make incentives for the player to not spam the left click button throughout the entire game. To do so, massive improvements were made to the chain attack system: using the system is easier, effects of the same type can be stacked, and spells are made to feel more interesting. We initially thought about preventing the player from attacking unless that had at least one effect stored in the effect chain. However, we were undecided on the idea of restricting the use of the single effect spells, so we made a compromise in order to give an enjoyable experience to everyone. More music was added due to the fact that we only had one looping soundtrack along with a few sound effects. Extra animations and sound effects were added to improve the juiciness of the game.

What’s Next:

  • Make our underlying story more cohesive and make the wizard more present in the game
  • Clean up UI and terrain visuals
  • Continue to balance gameplay after receiving more player feedback
  • Add in more sound effects
  • Iterate on and evolve the normal level theme music






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