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Closing up to a beta release, hopefully in a month or two! Here's some updates!

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cave concept

Some concept art for the background used in our upcoming demo video

Hello and welcome, we have been busy getting our assets ready for the upcoming XMASJKL - The Finnish Game Industry Pre-Xmas! We will have an opportunity to showcase our game in there and we are excited about it. Some of the N.O.D.E. crew will go there and set up a stand while the rest will stay in our intergalactic command center and keep on working on the game.

Crystal 01

The kit used to create the crystal clusters for the background.

Lets talk about graphics, we wanted to create a style that would make full use of the two 3D - modelers that we have, yet it had to stand out from the masses. Hopefully we managed to do it by using a low poly backgrounds with a lot of shadows and different lights while the important objects will be more detailed and textured. This should let us make impressive big background drops while not straining the system and also make it easier for players to notice the important objects on the foreground. Tl;dr: The environmental objects will be made using low poly while the more important objects will be detailed.

Hook 03

The grappling hook used to move objects.

So, how about the future, we already mentioned a beta coming up and hopefully we will get there early next year, January or February. We also have the XMASJKL coming and we will have the opportunity to showcase our coming game to some investors in Oulu later in December. So if we get it right, you might see a burst in the development speed.


The antimatter "bomb".

Here is a quick list what N.O.D.E. will have when it is released!

  • Short levels for quick games
  • Different themed planets to explore in the Andromeda galaxy
  • "Campaign" where the levels will get harder
  • Unique movement style with the programming based node system
  • Level editor to create and share your ultimate puzzles with other players.


Drone, the robots best little helper.

In a few weeks time we will have a nice trailer up and posted to showcase some of the mechanics and graphical style of the game better than the pictures do. We have the main code in place and have been working hard to get the graphical assets needed to finalize the early build. We would love to hear the opinion of the users here in IndieDB, so if there is something don't hesitate to leave a comment.

RopeGun 01

And with this grappling hook launcher, we hope to launch ourselves from a dream to reality.

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