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Beta Release and created a quick 40 second trailer. Made major improvements to gameplay and story.

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Trailer: Youtu.be

Tempest Might: Beta Iteration

Our Beta iteration addressed many performance and gameplay issues. Some scenes were unnecessarily filled with objects that we have removed and we also fixed areas in the game where it would run slower. In our Alpha iteration, we noticed players being able to defeat the bosses at each stage by just spamming fireball from far away. We addressed this by adding in a vicinity check, where the boss would only be active when the player is within a certain range. In addition, the fireball will despawn quicker than before. Continuing on, we added more sound effects to the game, mostly targeting the Water Boss stage to help players identify when the boss is attacking the player. We have also incorporated new background music tracks written and developed by our team’s music composer. One is a calm overworld music while the other plays during the boss fight to amplify the intensity of the battle. Lastly, we started to include voiceover lines from the team’s voice actress. One big change we made this iteration was to introduce a night time setting to the very first stage (fire). This change enabled us to add in torches and fires, which we thought could benefit the overall gameplay in conjunction with the maze as well as the fire boss. Our storyline made a drastic change. As opposed to the Alpha iteration where there is a happy ending once the boss has been defeated, the Beta iteration introduces a twist to the story that will surely surprise you. Since the game is an adventure game, we wanted to come up with a story that is more than simply a straight line.

We have one more iteration to do, and our focus is to magnify the story a lot more. This means adding in cutscene effects such as waking up, hearing sounds, and more voiceover dialogue to enhance our players’ experience when they play the game. As always, we will continue to monitor gameplay issues including bugs and performance to ensure a solid release. Lastly, we will look into bettering our UI as well. There are aspects of the UI that we realized during this iteration that could be done a lot better, but we decided to delay it until after the priority work in Beta was completed. For the final iteration, we will look to perfect our game’s UI.

NOTE: We had to temporarily disable the Earth stage and element due to a nasty bug where it would eat up your processor which would most likely lead to BSOD. This will be fixed in the final iteration.

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