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The open beta is now closed and we are gathering suggestions and data to improve upon and take note of for our future games and the released version of Crucible.

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As of 12:00AM 1/12/2013, we have closed enrollment for the open beta.

No further e-mails or form submissions will result in beta access.

Those currently participating will receive an early release of Crucible, discounts on future Mjolnir games, and personal thank you e-mails from myself. These people have the option to choose to become active promoters for Mjolnir to receive free Mjolnir games for life!

We will be making similar offers for beta testing each other mini game. However, as our popularity, income, and number of games produced increase, the magnitude of beta testing offers will decrease significantly.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please e-mail us at mjolnircommunity@gmail.com

Thanks guys!

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