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Update on Game progress and sneak peek at gameplay info!

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Make sure to check out the teaser trailer if you haven't already. I'm hoping that I will be done with the beta demo next week, and will be ready to share it with you guys so, hang in there. The length of the beta demo might be short, but Week 1 is always short in the game. If at first you don't like the gameplay, don't worry, that's only 1 of 5 locations this game has to offer, each area showcasing its own thing, making sure you never get used to your surroundings. Now to add to the replay value, I will be adding a Hard mode, which is pretty self explanatory.

Anyway, all that above might have seemed like a lot of information, but trust me, that's nowhere near the how big the final game will be. I wish you a happy rest of 2016, and more happy years to come. Have a good day!

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