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Here's what new and coming up next for our game, Off the Deep End

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What's new:

The rotation of the bubble guns has been restricted to challenge players to use new weapons to destroy enemies. Players can now use a spear that points in the direction of the player's head while they are swimming. Underwater mines are now included as an additional weapon outside of the submarine. The pipes on the outside of the sub have been remodelled to make the outside seem more accessible and the repair mechanic has been changed to holding instead of tapping. The boss fight became much more intense, the giant crab now whistles to call in supporting enemies, blocks bubbles, and throws rocks at the submarine. We also added increased player guidance through additional level design introducing the new player mechanics outside the submarine.

Our motivation:

We attempt to make it more clear for the players to go outside the submarine because some playtesters did not know they could leave which made the game nearly impossible. Also, playtesters did not notice there was a spear prototype so we added a lot of juice to attract the players to the new spear. We introduced more gameplay outside of the submarine to make our game more unique and give players more options for things to do. We were also motivated to make our game longer and more climatic so we increased the length and complexity of the final boss battle. We would like to continue increasing the intensity of the combat throughout the whole game and adding polish to our existing features.

What's next:

First, we would like to make the game ending condition more interesting and intuitive by ending the game when all players run out of oxygen instead of when the submarine runs out of oxygen. This will give players a final opportunity to bring oxygen back to an empty submarine before they running out of breath. We are also thinking about potentially adding a new type of enemy that might require a bomb to break (invincible to bubbles). Finally, we will also be adding polish to our existing features to reduce bugs and prepare our game for the showcase.

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