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2 new maps, 2 new weapons, improvements and fixes...

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Dear Gamers,

Beta 3 is now online!

Two new maps:

Prison: small map 100% close-combat for fast and intence missions.

Natura: Medium map in forest

2 new weapons:M-910: Compact machinegun

SxS: Powerful shotgun

No XP Required option added
As usual other corrections have been made and feedback is always welcomed. Already on BETA 4!
I leave you to discover on your own the complete changelog of this update and as usual i hope this content pleases you all.

- Add: New map - Prison
- Add: New map - Natura
- Add: New weapon - M-910 (Machinegun)
- Add: New weapon - SxS (Shotgun)
- Add: Restore "No XP required" option in sandbox menu
- Add: Access code memorize in task text
- Improve: Main HUD UI
- Improve: FPP behavior
- Improve: AI combat optimization
- Improve: Dead body detection optimization
- Improve: Shoot animations
- Improve: Lighting rendering (Lost Island)
- Improve: Lighting rendering (Paradise Resort)
- Improve: Lighting rendering (Heaven of Peace)
- Improve: Lighting rendering (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Improve: AI commander speed movement
- Improve: Chinese translations
- Improve: Reload prone animation with rifle
- Improve: Tanks resistance
- Improve: Reduce M240B recoil
- Improve: Sniper scope UI
- Improve: Helicopter cinematic post-process rendering
- Improve: Switch weapons animations
- Improve: Reload weapons animations
- Improve: Launch drone animation
- Improve: Launch grenade animation
- Improve: Control box mesh in Alarm and Scrambler
- Improve: Camera shake near explosions
- Improve: Dead menu UI
- Improve: Hit effect display
- Tweak: Default Constrast/Luminosity values
- Fix: TPP camera collision if player use ladder
- Fix: Binoculars doesn't save in gear slot
- Fix: Skyline (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Extraction point doesn't found correctly
- Fix: Undesirable hole in russian suit
- Fix: Some default keybindings errors
- Fix: AI detection in daytime
- Fix: Crosshair visible if prone and move
- Fix: Default walkable floor angle
- Fix: Auto exposure doesn't work correctly on Conira Castle
- Fix: Some errors scripts
- Remove: Finish up ladder animation (too bugs)
- Remove: Hits animations

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