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New translation: Simplified Chinese, 6 new outfits and more...

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Dear Gamers,

Beta 2 is now online!

New translation: Simplified Chinese

I would like to thank "Fung Chieng Jie" who helped with the translations !

6 new outfits

Head,pants,vests,jackets... everything necessary to even more customize your characters with interventions.

- Restore: Roll movement
- Add: Simplified Chinese translation
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD) - Intervention 1 + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD) - Intervention 2 + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD) - Intervention 3 + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category SHIRT) - Intervention Jacket + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category SUITS/PANTS) - Intervention Pants + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category POCKETS) - Intervention Pockets + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Ladder in tutorial level
- Add: Photo mode in tutorial level
- Add: Meteorites SFX
- Improve: Redwood forest lighting rendering
- Improve: Redwood forest (Winter version) lighting rendering
- Improve: Old ruins lighting rendering
- Improve: Max quality shadows rendering (Lost Island)
- Improve: Max distance shadows rendering (Lost Island)
- Improve: Max distance shadows rendering (Conira Castle)
- Improve: Max distance shadows rendering (Avieno land)
- Improve: Photo mode get automatically Post-Process rendering
- Improve: Shift key icon
- Improve: Alt key icon
- Improve: Ctrl key icon
- Improve: Lean movement
- Improve: Behavior of AI reinforcements search
- Improve: AI combat behavior
- Improve: Recoil intensity
- Improve: Reload stand/crouch animations
- Improve: Reload prone animations
- Improve: Launch drone prone animation
- Improve: View squad feature
- Improve: AI pathfinding avoidance
- Improve: AI teammates launch only smoke grenade if team member is wounded
- Improve: AI teammates treat directly player and doesn't try to drag body
- Improve: "Open parachute" change color instead of player's altitude
- Improve: Use "Interaction" instead of "Action" for execute a takedown
- Improve: Switch item automatically if current item =0
- Improve: Flashlight rendering
- Improve: Hide body SFX
- Improve: HALO UI
- Improve: HALO air control
- Improve: Search medics function
- Tweak: Neutralize enemy only with knife
- Tweak: Settings menu
- Fix: Undesirable SteamVR launch with game
- Fix: AI helicopters detection daytime
- Fix: Flashlight attachment camo error
- Fix: Laser camo attachment error
- Fix: Spawn task error
- Fix: Extraction point task error
- Fix: Knife damages
- Fix: Settings UI
- Fix: Undesirable teleportation based of AI teammates drag casualties
- Fix: Undesirable player teleportation if wounded
- Fix: Steal/Sabotage mesh task rotation
- Fix: Double laser/flashlight camo error
- Fix: Number of tasks visible if apocalypse selected
- Fix: Shadows of weapon if flashlight enabled
- Fix: Quit photo mode doesn't keep lastest "Show UI" of player
- Fix: Cinematic intro doesn't work (Conira Castle winter)
- Fix: Cinematic intro doesn't work (Redwood forest winter)
- Fix: Cinematic insertion (Heaven of peace)
- Fix: Camera rotation of photo mode if player is prone
- Fix: Factory building glass opacity
- Fix: Aim offset player if photo mode enabled
- Fix: Insertion UI - task test alignment
- Fix: Left foot position with lean movement
- Fix: Tutorial zone doesn't detect player pawn
- Fix: Use slide conditions errors
- Fix: Time remaining (synchro shot) always display if show UI disable
- Fix: Wounded if prone
- Fix: Can use slide loop
- Fix: Stone walls collisions
- Fix: Warehouse roof collision
- Fix: Plank rubble collisions
- Fix: Radio task LOD
- Fix: Assets locations (Central Hospital)
- Fix: Stairs collision (Central Hospital)
- Fix: Stairs railing collision (Central Hospital)
- Fix: Cannot disable AI command if wounded
- Fix: Missing translations
- Fix: Italian translations
- Fix: Russian translations
- Fix: French translations
- Remove: Takedown animation (have too issues) - replace by attack with a knife

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