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Beta 0.6.0 released on website and as android version

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Dear all,

I just released Beta v.0.6.0 as flash and additionally submitted to Googles Playstore.

This release is considered as the first big balancing release towards 1.0.0.
All classes / races combinations and encounters were remodeled to provide the challenges as initially indended. Now, beside the Training Dungeon, all should provide a more or less challenging enviroment where every step counts :-)

Together with this release, more dungeons were created that all already implemented races and classes can be unlocked if the dungeons are successfully cleared.

Changes to the underlying system:
- Enviroments provide some additional health while beeing explored
- More Dungeons with different difficulty settings created
- The feedbacktext in the dungeon was improved to differenciate between consumables and equipable items found
- The equipment system was reworked to provide better scalebility.

As always, have fun.

Any feedback or critics are welcome

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