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I've released beta 0014, which features some reworked game mechanics, and UI improvements. With this release, game mechanics are done. Beta link inside.

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In this release, after some deliberation, I removed the End Goal from the game. It was making the game more complicated (and harder to explain) than it needed to be. Simplicity is king, especially in mobile.

So now, to complete the level, you only have to burn the jars of fuel. This opens up the game, making it overall less linear and introduces alternate routes to complete the level.

Here's a short video of something else I did for this build, Scrolling Level Selection!

Try the beta out here (Dropbox link - Unity Web Player)!

Some other changes:

Tutorial Adjustments
Minor improvements and explanations, also had to remove End Goal references.

Trajectory Indicator added
Added in a trajectory line from the flame to your finger. Some testers requested it, so here it is. Personally, I don't like playing with it on, so I added the option to turn it off. Everybody wins!

The release of 0014 marks the end (besides bug fixes) of the game system development. I'm aiming to get the free version of the game on the Playstore ASAP. I would like to have 15 levels in that version, so I have a few more to do.

After the free version is out and tested, I'll release the full version. It will be $0.99 and feature 30-40 levels at launch, with more added every few weeks.

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plays well, i didn't quit after a few levels :), it hard to flick it midair, but it feels good when you catch it and relaunch.

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copperpotmakesgames Author

Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you didn't quit, there are a lot more levels with new environmental obstacles (wind zones, waterfalls, anti-grav etc.) on the way.

I'm really happy with the physics and the how it plays. I've increased the touch hitbox for the player in the next build, so it should be easier to flick.

Thanks for following me on Twitter, and the RT (I assume) as well.

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