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I just released Beta 0013, in conjunction with #FF on /r/gamedev, with a bunch of new changes. Check out the latest Unity web build!

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Beta 0013 (Unity Web)

Lots added this week:

  • Burned down the old tutorial, and re did it. It passed the "Mom test".
  • New option....options (you can turn off the level restart timer)
  • Added levels 1 - 5 (9 total now)
  • Larger hitbox (touchbox?) for player movement
  • Particle effects for fuel and fuel destruction
  • Collectibles (Fuel) now have physics
  • New countdown timer

What's in the hopper?

  • Trail (line?) between finger and flame while lining up shot
  • Gui Tweaks
  • More levels (Hoping to have 10-15 for the free version launch)

What I'm wondering

  • Music/Sound: Worth the effort on mobile?
  • Difficulty Ramp up: Levels 1-5 will be in the order in the final game, 6-9 are placed there for the time being.

Any feedback, or suggestions, are appreciated! Follow me on Twitter!

PilotLight is a physics based platformer for mobile where you control your flame using just one finger. Burn all the jars of fuel, while avoiding environmental obstacles, and then light the burner.Perfect your route, and get the best time you can.

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