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"The Entertainment Software Association" awarded the winners of the third edition of the National Video Game Competition MX"

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Mexico City, December 14, 2017.- Today, the award ceremony for the third edition of the National MX Videogame Contest organized by The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) was held, which brought together creators, entrepreneurs and students, as well as young people with ideas to produce new products in the videogame sector in Mexico.

This edition included the registration of (113) projects in the category of "Professional Developers", in the category of "University students" with (177) and in Junior Creatives with (119), a total of (409) of submitted proposals , being the winners:

Professional developers

Best game of the contest: MULAKA de Lienzo

Best game for mobile application: BAIKOH from Mum NotProud

Best game for console or PC: DMD MARS MISSION from Focka Games

Featured Mobile App: DEUS CULT of 1 Simple Game

Graphic Art: KIM THE AVENGER COW of We the Force Studios

Music and sound: REalM: WALK OF SOUL by Authentic Illusions

Game and narrative design: PATOBOX by Bromio

Double Game Design and Narrative: RANDALL by We The Force Studios

Cultural game: MULAKA de Lienzo

Technological innovation: INTERDIMENSIONAL PEST CONTROL of Cosmogonia

Double technological innovation: GUNSLINGER by Soft n Stuff

Amateur Developers

Best game for console or PC: POCKET PENGUIN by Amor Cortés Elizondo

Best game for mobile application: EL PUERCOLIBRI by Manuel Eduardo Moreno García

Graphic art: RACE TO THE CENTER by Ayrton Sergio Garcia Lopez

Double Graphic Art: HUGO by Luis Emmanuel Chávez Loyola

Music and sound: BEYOND THE NIGHTMARES by Paul Alberto Escobar González

Game design: SLING TO THE TOP by Ricardo Sáenz Barragán

Cultural and educational game: TOTO-KLAN by Francisco Federico Gutiérrez Quevedo

Feminine Talent: POCKET PENGUIN by Amor Cortés Elizondo

Junior Creatives

First Place Adolescents PAPER HEART by Jean Carlo Romero Ibáñez

Second Place TEENS THE MAZE by Mark Slovik

First Place Children SHAPES by Pablo Ernesto Gómes Ignoroza

Second Place Children SPACE CHIP by José Ignacio Sandoval Lira, David Montoya García, Emiliano Rovelo Sosa

With the objective of promoting the videogame industry and innovation in Mexico, we counted with the collaboration of companies, students, communities of Mexican developers and public initiative to increase the participation of projects in all categories by recognizing projects that stand out for its production in sound, innovation, history, art and social impact.

Specifically, in the "Junior Creatives" category, the aim was to combine art and technology in the creative process of the history of videogames, using digital development and design tools since childhood.

Kiyoshi Tsuru, representative of the Entertainment Software Association in Mexico, stressed "that the country is required to generate new video games and commercialize them, that we are not just consumers; for this it is necessary that organizations, both public and private, become a showcase that helps Mexican developers. " "Developing video games can offer new opportunities to creative talent and become a market that drives the national economy," he added.

On the other hand, Monica Villela Grobet, Deputy Director General of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), said "that video games correspond to a new generation of products that depend on intellectual property protection systems for economic exploitation. The legal protection of videogames is an indispensable factor to achieve success in the market and to promote innovation that detonates with local wealth; not only are the technological components protected, there are elements of creation, such as illustrations, stories, characters, music and others, which are an integral part of their commercialization ", he concluded.

During the award ceremony were present representatives of institutions and companies that supported the realization of this contest: Kiteteam, Video Game Makers Academy, Autodesk, Xbox, The CIU, IGDA, PROMEXICO, INADEM, AMIPCI, INFOTEC, IMPI, Digital Cultural Center , SAE Institute, ITAM and CENTRO

For more information about the contest, visit www.videojuegosmx.com

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