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Berote has been updated to 1.0.2; check this article for more information on what has been changed, added or fixed! Check the website for a video!

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I have been working really hard on Berota. Progress is definitely being made, even though it does not feel like that sometimes. There is simply so much that has to be done that it dwarfs the progressive feeling at times! Oh well! I must say that I enjoy working on Berota more than anything ever before. I think that's because it reminds me of my first MMORPG experience about 10 years ago. Aside from that I can also really release all aspects of my creativity on Berota, which is awesome!

Anyways, so much has changed that I will post a changelog in stead of a descriptive list or check the website for a video!!

  • Sealed and improved the launcher and version checking system
  • Finished the premium system
  • Added a health system
  • Added an attack system for PvE
  • Creatures now drop corpses when killed, health decrements still need to be networked
  • Number of online players is now pushed to the website, needs to be fool proofed
  • Added furniture
    • Added chairs
    • Added tables
    • Added beds
    • Added counters for shops
    • Added stacks of sacks
    • Added stacks of barrels
  • Added structural prefabs
    • Added hor and vertical wall pieces; stone and wood
    • Added digable holes, are closed at first and look like a pile of stones, can be open with a shovel, close after a while back to the initial state
    • Added sewer grates; can be used by right clicking on them; moves you one floor down
    • Added lantern poles which emit light
    • Added bridges
  • Added natural prefabs
    • Added deciduous trees
    • Added fir trees
  • More floor tiles
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