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Welcome to the development log of my mod. Here you will find all the necessary information: content, update ...

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Small presentation of the mod and history:

After several research of mod having for subject Belgium during the second world war, I started in the creation of my personal mod.

What exactly does this mod do?
First he adds a complete focus tree for Belgium. I created it to be as historical as possible.
It contains a lot of exclusive elements both graphically and in the mechanics that the game allows. Thus, it contains many events and some totally new decisions.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the content:

8 new countries: with leaders, ideas, troops ....
1 new state
many flags
colorized images
exclusive icons for the focus tree, the decisions, the technological tree ...
a complete reskin for Belgian infantry troops
political advisers, designers, ideas, specialists (specific and historically acceptable for Belgium)
many Belgian generals with photographs (black and white)
a complete technological tree for Belgium
an improvement of the dependency system
an opportunity to use a neutral political advisor (with specific events)

and many other things.

Current version of mod: 4.0.5
compatible with version 1.5.4 of the game
Recommended DLC: TFV DoD WtG but in theory the mod works without.

development log version 4.0.6

26 octobre 2018
Update in progress:
-Suriname: now historically correct leader with color portrait
-Technological aerial tree: best icons created from HD images and adding models for jet bombers. (Historically possible)
-Correction of minor points (bugs, focus, events, ...) These points have no real impact on the mod but their corrections will bring more stability.
-Decisions: a correction must be made to the "become Belgian" series.
The second does not systematically reveal the country that owns the nationalized state.
In addition, a country receives several times the opinion modifier, will be modified so that it receives it only once.

October 28, 2018
Army Chiefs and Admiral update
33 generals are available from the start
2 more are available per focus
1 admiral
for everyone:
colorized and historically accurate image
traits: more accurate based on historical characteristics

October 29, 2018 (early morning)
updated / corrected:

- the second decision of the series "to become Belgian" has been modified so that a country does not receive several times the opinion modifier (need to be tested but should work, no code error detected by the console)

-the "Luxembourg agreements" event has been modified so that if Luxembourg agrees to be annexed, it loses all existence in the game.

- a new political adviser has been added for Belgium, minister of propaganda (only valid with a fascist government). Raymond De Becker who was the boss of "Le Soir" (Belgian newspaper) during the period of Nazi occupation. The advisor received a historically correct picture.

- Flag change: The flag of Fascist Suriname is now more adequate. He takes again the traditional flag (without his central star) with a black sun in its center.

October 30, 2019,
Belgian Congo:
-retreat copied skin from South Africa (for reasons of copyright and compatibility in case of non-presence of the Togheter for Victory DLC)

-adjust historical leaders according to their political inclination
each with color portrait

-modification of the focus "Congolese standing" which grants independence to the Belgian congo (simplification of the code)

-modification (in progress) of the event congo.2 which grants independence to Katanga and causes a civil war. The amendment should give:
1) Proclamation of independence of Katanga
2) Civil war in the rest of Congo
3) War between the legitimate Government of Congo and Katanga

November 1, 2018
The event congo.2 has been modified. Now, he triggers a civil war in Congo after he has achieved independence. The conflict opposes Katanga to the Government of Leopoldville and the government of Stanleyville. The two Congolese governments oppose a civil war.

Focus tree of Belgium:
Fixed a bug that crashed the game when choosing to support the secession of Katanga and the civil war in Congo.

November 3, 2018:

Change in progress:
1) Flags for puppet states that are creatable by the focus tree.
A single flag for different ideologies. Better quality and with more "Belgitude".

Being created:
3 puppet states created by decision (1 in England, 1 in France and 1 in Italy). Each of these countries will be fascist and will have as leader a queen or princess linked to the royal house of Belgium. Country names will be in Dutch. Each with a cosmetic_tag.

Focus Tree of Belgium:
A slight adjustment that allows to unblock the aforementioned decisions

November 05, 2018

What's up?

* Well, the three decision-making puppets are defined with flag and leaders.
* The end date of the game was changed to end in 1965
* Some dates have been modified in the focus tree to be more in line with the reality

* A new hardware designer will be added tonight. It will be a 100% Belgian tank manufacturer. In fact, it is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment that has for some time manufactured tracked vehicles for various corps of the Belgian army. It will only be available after reaching the "armored development" focus.

From tomorrow a test section will be launched and any corrections will be made.
The update will be published this week. Probably this Friday night or Saturday night.

November 07, 2018
A little delay before the update is deployed.
Following some last-minute ideas, some changes are under development.
I first change some icons of the focus tree for better ones.
I added this new 100% Belgian tank manufacturer.
I added a new decision for Belgium: "Allow March on Brussels"
(decision that for 30 days boost fascism and destabilizes the country)
In addition some inconsistencies are being suppressed. (Code too long or too complex, badly translated or poorly constructed events .....)
Finally, I work (and it's really quite complicated for me I'm not a graphic designer ....) on a new skin for the Congolese army. This part will not be proposed in the next update but if I go to the end as a secondary mod. And may be included in the version that will follow version 4.0.6;

date of update 4.0.6: November 11, 2018 (for the anniversary of the armistice)

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