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Welcome to the dev log for version of the mod. This version will be compatible with the 1.6.2 update of the game and the new DLC Man the Guns.

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Version 4.2.0

June 15, 2019
Latest news before update:
Some changes have been made to the levels of states achievable by decisions. Including change of names, change of flags (thanks to Robie96). Some modifications in the Belgian focus tree. Now Belgium gets the good German governor in case of creation of the Protectorate of the Reich: "Belgium and North of France".

The update is planned for tonight.
You will see for yourself the significant change in mod volume (around 175 MB). This will imply that the new version of the mod will not be compatible with your backups.

Tonight for the update.

June 9, 2019 (update june 11)

CANCEL (for the moment):

Second point of development today.
And this is for a very interesting news, I am currently coding a budget system for Belgium. With taxes, payment of wages, military balances, special budget votes, payment for raw materials imported or exported.

Depending on your budget, it will be possible to unblock some decisions or you will be confronted with protest movements.

This requires a lot of thought, indeed we must define an impressive number of variables and scripted effects. The most difficult being to respect normal values (not to end up with an available budget of 20000 million Belgian francs.

I hope this will bring a little more realism to the game.

June 09, 2019

Every day his point on development.
What's new in the mod?

- New events that came to replace imposed choices in the Belgian focus tree. So now the focus of colonial expansion requires the approval of France and England to increase the size of your settlements.

- A small correction made in the focus Belgian Uganda

- Uganda now has historical leaders with colorful portraits. OK it's a bit odd in a mod dedicated to Belgium but since it is possible via the focus tree to get it as a colony. In this respect the chances are equal to obtain it or not. Just like for Congo Brazzaville.

- I also added some loading screens.

The mod will probably be released within a week. Why? Because I subodore a fix of the "Hydra" version of the game (given the number of complaints on the forums of Steam and Paradox).

June 8, 2019.

Small point on the development:
- Fixing small bugs
- Small changes in different parts of the mod

June 06, 2019

Version of the game: 1.7 Hydra
- New map font
-1 new event
-more songs in the mod-specific radio channel (with a bonus if you become a fascist: a speech by Léon Degrelle about communism!)

June 05, 2019

After the release of game update 1.7, here are the changes made:

1) Update the code to support the new rules according to the definition of political parties in power.
2) Replacement of the old soundtrack by a new radio channel in the jukebox interface.
3) Updating the .lua file

From this weekend I will publish two versions of the mod: version of the game 1.6.x (for those who would not like or could not update 1.7)
4.2.0: version of the game 1.7.x

For version 4.2.0 of the mod, I will continue the development. I have some new ideas.

Stay tuned for future news.


June 3, 2019

- a new sub-branch with a military focus
- a new event "Fortification of bridges over the Meuse"

The military branch of the focus tree now gives more ground experience.

Reason for change:
With the latest 1.6.2 update of the game, Germany has become almost unstoppable. Especially with, in the south, a France weaker than ever and capitulating faster than a mouse in front of a cat. And to the north, the Netherlands, which is unable to resist the German advance. The only chance is to compose divisions that can resist. And ground defenses can slow down German troops.

A stable and corrected version of the mod should be released by this weekend.

May 31, 2019

- The Kingdom of Prussia, The Republic of Bavaria Councils were removed at the start of the game.
- The German states ceded to Poland and Denmark were retroceded.
-1 effect removed in the Belgian focus tree
- language files used in the mod
- an idea icon

- 3 new political advisors for Belgium
- 2 political advisers from the start of the game for Belgium

- scripted location added

May 30, 2019

Corrections made:
- code error in a new trigger: fixed
- elections event 1939: fixed
- missing idea icon: fixed
- redundant paid leave mission: fixed

See you soon for new information.

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