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Small presentation of the mod and history: After several research of mod having for subject Belgium during the second world war, I started in the creation of my personal mod.

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What exactly does this mod do?
First he adds a complete focus tree for Belgium. I created it to be as historical as possible.
It contains a lot of exclusive elements both graphically and in the mechanics that the game allows. Thus, it contains many events and some totally new decisions.

Belgium a world major:

Version of mod: 4.0.6
Version of the game supported: 1.5.4

DLC required: none
Recommended DLCs:
Supported languages: French and English

Compatibility with other mods: In theory compatible with many simple mods or that does not modify the states, provinces ...

List of compatible mods:
-South America, more countries Link: https: //www.moddb.com/mods/south-america-more-countries
-The Silk Road Link: Moddb.com
-Soviets states Link: Moddb.com
-Minor Reskin Immersion: Middle East & Africa Link: https: //steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/? Id = 1531808386 & searchtext = reskin
-Confederacy Link: Steamcommunity.com

Content of the mod:

1) Complete focus tree for Belgium (with unique icons)
2) Complete focus tree for Luxembourg
3) Complete Reskin for the Belgian Infantry
4) Redesigned autonomy system and a specific level of autonomy for Belgian dependencies
5) Many generals for Belgium with colorized images
6) New designers and manufacturers
7) Many possible leaders with colorized images
8) 8 new countries
9) Many alternative flags
10) New decisions
11) A new state (Picardy)
12) Many events
13) Historically correct political advisers for Belgium (with one or two disgressions)
14) Reconfigurations of the Congo-Zaire states

And many other things.....

Known bugs:

This mod represents many hours of reflection, coding, graphic work.
I designed it to be as close as possible to the reality but also to allow plossible alternative time lines.

Future updates:
4.0.7 to 4.0.9 >>>>> Equilibrium updates, small changes, corrections
4.1.0: Compatibility update with the future version of the game and the new DLC
from 4.1.1 to 4.2.0 >>>>> Equilibrium updates, small changes, corrections, new country additions

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