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A quick update to tell what is going on at the moment, what its being planned and what should be expected in the near future.

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Hello, my name is Nicholas Cooper and I shall be your guide for the next little while as we journey through the master minds of Evildot Productions
First off though, let me introduce myself fully.

I'm a 18 year old independent developer from Saskatchewan Canada. I have always loved making new game ideas and have always felt that I could make something so much better then big budget companies.

I'll put as much time as I possibly can into my games but in the long run it will come to the support and guidance of everyone to keep things going.

So what will this first of (hopefully) many games be you might be? well I'll tell you.

Right now as the only member I plan on making a Half Life 2 mod, I plan on making it an FPS/RTS style game. If all goes well, there is 100% going to be a standalone game with a lot more features and fun. But alas all I have at the moment are some simple sketches and a word document filled to the brim with ideas.

Its going to be challenging tackling this by myself but I think I'll be able to provide in the end.

Now if you will follow me onto the next room and we can continue our tour as things grow......
Hope you learned lots
Nicholas Cooper

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